Short overnight “between the sheets and breakfast.”

10 hours: 1600 euro

Extended overnight “the perfect evening, the night and the morning.”

12 hours: 1850 euro

Day and night “let’s spend day and night together – I’m all yours.”

24 hours: 2500 euro

Short & long holidays/business trips

Starting from: 1850 euro – upon on request (measured to your needs)

Don’t hesitate to get in touch with me by mail about your plans, I offer special arrangements.


Duo arrangement (f,m,f)

“A double affair with one of my friends.”

Let’s have fun, it’s time to turn your fantasies into reality.

Starting from:
2 hours: 1200 euro
10 hours: 3200 euro

Couples arrangements

“Ménage à trois”

Starting from:
3 hours: 1100 euro

“The perfect gift for couples who wish to experience a threesome or for those who need to spice things up. Let’s share a drink to get to know one another, followed by an intimate time in your private entourage.”


“The perfect escape to unwind.”

Why don’t you treat yourself  and let me take the stress out of your day? Whether you’re after a short period, a long afternoon, an overnight, or a long weekend. We all need to recharge our batteries from time to time. What better way to do so than by pampering yourself at a beautiful spa with a beautiful companion by your side.

We can go to a private wellness or to a public wellness – health resort, whatever that makes you comfortable.

If you have no idea where to go, I’m happy to help you find the best wellness retreats and spas in Belgium to suit all budgets.

So get ready to spoil yourself, or me. This is one of my top 3 favorite arrangements. I also suggest booking this arrangement in time due to the ability of the private wellness spas – retreats.

Starting from: (excl. sauna)
2 hours: 600 euro
4 hours: 800 euro
Overnight 12 hours: 1800 euro



“A timeless classic.”

Nothing can top a good old dinner date. They allow us to get to know each other better or catch up on lost time. Are you looking for company to go to a business dinner? Or perhaps you don’t want to eat alone?

Maybe you’ve been invited, and you want to make a good impression. Let me know all about it to prepare myself and dress accordingly.

Breakfast – brunch

If you are a morning person, there is no better way to start your day with a delicious breakfast or brunch in one of the local cafés, your hotel, your place, or even better “of” me? So let me know what you would like, and let me make you some breakfast in spicy lingerie, and let’s dive between the sheets!

What a great way to start your day!

Starting from:
2 hours: 600 euro
4 hours: 800 euro

Lunch – dinner

We can experience a Michelin Star restaurant, or we can have lunch – dinner in a casual, cozy restaurant. Surprise me! If you can’t decide, allow me to introduce you to some local or fancy restaurants for an unforgettable culinary experience.

And for the gentlemen who would like to keep things very private, let me propose to have a dinner date at your place. I am your sexy chef, or you’re mine … we can spice things up while cooking… let’s have fun together  … or maybe we skip dinner and start straight with dessert. I love this arrangement!

Starting from:
4 hours: 800 euro
Overnight 12 hours: 1800 euro


“Exclusively dating, for the man who wants all the attention and affection.”

I love these kinds of arrangements, especially the ones that have the potential to turn into exclusive genuine relationships. This is for the gentlemen who desire something more personal and consistent. A companion who can always be by your side. All the flirting, passion, and fun with no drama and stress. I want to be your “sweet escape” when the world outside becomes too much for you.

Semi exclusive*

As a semi exclusive we will meet once a week, our time will be prioritised. You will be one of only a few men in my life, no strings attached and my online presence will stay up but will be limited.

Starting from:
1 month: 4850 euro (measured to your needs)


As an exclusive you can be sure to always have all my attention, my schedule will be tailored towards all your needs. This means you are my one and only.  And if you like I will put my online presence on hold – have me all to yourself.

Starting from:
1 month:
 upon request (measured to your needs)


Take me to your city or take me on a trip with you.

I would love to visit you, introduce yourself!

As an international companion I am passport ready and I love worldwide travel.

No matter where in the world, you would like to meet with me. It is straightforward to bring me to you. Just drop me a line with your travel plans, and I or we can plan our time together. To secure the trip, I require a prepayment for tickets and a deposit of 20%.

Minimum booking: 

Europe – 6 hours : 1250 euro + travel expenses

Everywhere else – 1 day (24 hours) : 2600 euro + travel expenses

* For monthly arrangements advanced payment is always required.

For specific and/or special dates ideas, feel free to contact me.

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